Wolf Burn, Awesome Air

Two records I enjoy a lot. Quiet Coast by Wolf Burn is the surf pop album Grouper never made. Pop chords, the occasional lyrics and laid-back percussion, all washed in reverb. The more ambient tracks, like “Dig” and “Hopeful Monsters”, graciously juggle melancholy and peacefulness. Listen to this on one of those proverbial lazy sunday mornings.

Meghalaya by Awesome Air is an eclectic collection of instrumentals. Mountains seem to be a recurring theme, and it’s mirrored in the music by lots of open space, making the whole thing feel like a wave of fresh air. Which doesn’t mean there’s a lack of dynamics here: most of the album has ethnic percussion going on, while some tracks, like Everest, end up sounding almost abrasive. Every track has different artwork, a pleasant extra.

Both albums are freely available on Bandcamp.

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