Mobdividual – The windows to () Music Were Open

Brian Elyo started recording music under the moniker Mobdividual somewhere into 2009. The result, A Year From Monday is an EP of instantly mesmerizing quality. Its slow but steady guitar plucking & effected overdubs glide back and forth into noise, yet never stray from a clearly set path that flows uninterrupted for the whole 15′.

Follow-up record The Windows to () Music Were Open works along the same lines: 5 instrumentals fading into each other, sometimes speeding up the pace, sometimes slowing it down, and often diverting the music into unforeseen directions. Elyo calls it a medley-ish record, yet the tracks remind me more of vignettes of a photo-collage. The best description I can come up with is exploring the many different rooms of a worn-down mansion, where each chamber has its own typical set of decoration, and reveals some of the building’s history. And there’s windows, lots of them, allowing for enough of the listener’s imagination or surroundings to fill the gaps. More than the monolithic first EP, Windows’ approach piques my curiosity as to how a full-length would sound.

You can download the EP for free on the artist’s site. It comes with a bunch of carefully crafted .pdf booklets, which is always nice. Those who enjoy the record and wish to obtain a hard copy can contact the artist via the same site.

Released November 14, 2010

Download it on Bandcamp

Covert art by Stan Hennigh

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