Phillip Wilkerson – Daybook

Daybook by Phillip Wilkerson is one of those rare ambient recordings that, while striving to be an amorphous experience, still radiate sheer musicality. The bulk of what gets tagged as ‘ambient drone’ inevitably gets stuck in a proverbial bore-swamp before halfway its runtime. Not so, fortunately, when there’s a musical direction involved, a clear vision only made subtle/unobtrusive through pacing or production.

Daybook is such a record. Always shifting – not even that slow – but deliberate at every step. In an almost contrapuntal way, harmonic tones hover by each other, some high and carefree, others a melancholic undertow. Sounds like watching the sun pierce clouds  in a grey city. Like slipping past midday, thinking of the time gone and the things to come.

4 measured movements totaling about 20′. Pretty, very slick cover – almost begging for a physical issue. A gentle, stylish record in every way.

Free download at BGW Recordings.

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