Tape Inbetweening, Benjamin Dauer

Tape Inbetweening – Bloody Books, A Cigarette and Friendly Ghosts is a collaborative effort by the brain behind Stefanus Strom & the guitarist from Zbogom, Ajda. Both signature sounds are there, sometimes blending (Interior Designer, Hiroshima) and sometimes keeping distance+tension (CropsTesla Coil); it works both ways. You Feed My Mind With Honey is 5 minutes of heavenly echoes melting into feedback.

Overall, the album is as glitchy as it is guitar-oriented, and as desolate as it is intimate: all post-rock elements, if slightly warped. Echo-driven melancholy and weirdness remind of a stripped-down Set Fire To Flames experience. The album lands this summer, when the crop circles are plentiful. Download it here. Bloody Books comes with a dose of nightmare fuel trailer.

Benjamin Dauer – Saturation Event, released on the Feedbackloop netlabel, is an insta-classic. Controlled and evenly measured, feedback rushes through endless realms of reverb in Borderlands of Sleep. Echoes dance around each other in the empty parts of Alistrati. Power through sparsity: in Orbits in Conversation, faint traces of a bass-line progression emerge, and suddenly the track transforms from a monotone wail into withered remnants of melancholic post-rock. But descriptions are useless if the real deal is but a click away.

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