Hana Sumai, Benjamin Poole

Hana Sumais Growing Pains aims for sadness through majesty, with the rawness and violence of a bedroom black metal project ported to the major chord. In between washes of cold, dissonant feedback comes bursting the distortion-driven guitar strumming. Flawed and grand-sounding. I suppose somewhat of a flag-ship release for  the lorazepam resonance  label, that specializes in music “born of anxiety, depression, melancholy, love, and suicide”.

A free download

On the brighter side of low fidelity: Benjamin Poole‘s basket of songs contains a few tracks that could/would/should go on his next album. On all of his songs, expect a charming voice, lyrics about high-school sweethearts, poppy chords, and, what can I say – decent songwriting overall, with a little extra cheesiness that made it a favorite of mine. On “Songs from Season One“, there’s all of that plus canon singing. His debut EP, by the way, still sounds as sweet as ever, and definitely deserves a post on its own. But you can do that one, if you want. Or just say hello on his Soundcloud.

Songs from Season Onemissing! message me if you want it

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