Saito Koji – Again (Resting Bell, 2012)

Saito Koji is a regular on the comprehensive Resting Bell label, Again being his seventh release over there. In 24 minutes, from start to finish, you get eight evenly dosed injections of sustained and deliciously modulated feedback – on overdrive, of course. The tools of the job and the chords pulled will both make you yearn for that shoegaze and crescendo goodness, but two or three tracks in, you’ll be forced to reconsider those noble desires, because as a rock album, it doesn’t go anywhere.

Not to worry, though. As a drone album instead, it distinguishes itself as concise, well-directed and punchy. Three minutes each, the tracks burn and shimmer before fading out, and push whatever gained momentum they had onto the next, every time carefully avoiding gaining critical mass. The soundtrack of a surfer life, spent instead idling on the shore, dozing in the heat and dreaming of the big wave.

Get it here, check out its twin album, then say your necessary RSS incantations and keep updated for Koji’s next release on Resting Bell, Sleepy.

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