Vaenus – Album Title (VCR-013, 2012)

I’m infatuated with Vaenus‘ depressing flavor of dance on this one. Something to do with repetitive reverberating beats and diminished synth progressions at four in the morning while trying to finish a disgusting bottle. A handful of gen X bystanders who burned out on stimulants hours ago hang on listlessly in an empty dance hall in the middle of nowhere. It’s the deep end of Februari and the sun won’t be up for hours. It’s a Tuesday. Everyone’s exhausted but there are no buses home and the road back stretches along an industrial zone and a shipping canal for construction materials. No one answers your texts and the artist forgot to put in vox samples of cute girls. The track list is on repeat. Why are you even here? And why are you still moving around, deliberately and ever so slowly?

Album Title is released on Vitamin C Records.


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