Hanetration – Torn Heat ( VULP-0041, 2012), Nae Troth (2013)

Hanetration has released Nae Troth, a companion EP to last year’s Torn Heat. It features what I suspect is Torn Heat material, mutilated to the point where it’s uncertain to what extent it’s  slowed down, modulated or reversed. What’s certain is, it’s far beyond the point where artefacts form, but this is all according to plan. The wobbly mess is subsequently glazed over with the artist’s trade secrets, and the result is 22+ minutes of disorientation and dreamy feverishness. Best digested as a whole, Nae Troth stands out because of its hypnotic qualities; just don’t expect the music to go into any single one direction and we’re good.

Torn Heat then, the source material for this curious EP, sounds equally warped and twisted, but is molded in a more conventional form; galloping beats guide opener Jurassic along a near-chorus-verse-like pattern. Splinter has the same signature lazy, warped sound, but features motown-style drumming. From Sixth onward, the rhythm section is dropped, and the album starts to resemble its 2013 offspring more closely. Flicker picks up pace at the start, with an interplay of resonance and tremolo, and slowly loses momentum again at the end.

Everything around Hanetration, up to the title font on the artefactoid covers,  seems to revolves around data-loss, though data-gloss might be a better way to put it. Even the song structures imitate this ultrastylistic, self-conscious process of destruction and reproduction-by-approximation. Song arcs forgets their trajectory mid-way (Flickr), breaks are nothing but a meander in the flow (Jurassic). There is a lot of musicality here, but it’s decidedly not willing to show itself through standard means, and demands a patient, off-kilter ear to appreciate.

Torn Heat is released on Vulpiano Records,

Nae Troth on Bandcamp

Torn Heat on Bandcampon Archive.org

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