Hana Sumai – death is beautiful/withering coils (2013)

Like his previous shattered bone orchestra/liminal space, Hana Sumai‘s new album spans two long-form tracks that start sparse and build. They sure build, but not toward great droning climaxes. They extract heavy, melancholy tones from their surrounding noise, let them develop their overtones, and then gather enough momentum to drag you into an  abyss of ultra-sad beauty. Death is beautiful and withering coils weigh heavy and sound like black holes that grow and warp the noisy fuzz around them until a static equilibrium is reached.

But this is an album that shouldn’t be described. It’s purposefully made to be felt. You immediately know the long attack times and repeated riffing are taking you somewhere, it’s just very much hinted at that the destination defies a sane description. All you can do is wonder about what it is you’re experiencing. “Death’s guitar’s tone is so warm, but I’m getting chills all over.” “That high screeching feedback is barely there…” “Halfway coils, something is happening, something inevitable.” Ratings don’t make sense, but death/coils isn’t trying to either. For what it’s worth, 10/10.

stream + download

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