Alice Springs (2009)

Written & recorded throughout 2008/09
Released 01 December 2009
Music by T De Bauw
CC BY-NC 3.0
Album art : many thanks to photographer Mo Riza

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1) Alice Springs 7:25
2) Phase Incoherence 3:36
3) Tethys 5:54
4) Glacier Spins 4:35
5) Holocene 15:32

Inspirations are visions of sped-up geologic activity, prehistoric things lurking in now-gone oceans,… the way things tend to gradually change, be they memories or mountains.

First half of opener ALICE SPRINGS starts out as an hommage to Lee Ranaldo’s epic Amarillo Ramp (for Robert Smithson) but develops into  this metal-ish, somewhat civil coda. It works well enough, and the harsh guitar tone fit really well into the scorching desert feel I aimed for.

The instruments on TETHYS evoke what I imagine is  a prehistoric sea long gone, hence the name. Think countless years of ebb and flow never noticed by anything sentient – that we know of.

HOLOCENE is the 15’ closer track, treating piano with a.o overdrive+wah – first of all to camouflage my skills, secondly because: borderline-noise. Thirdly, because it oddly resembles the sound of contemporary plate activity – if you listen closely.