Drifting intro open (2010)

35’45” of tape loops, pink noise and an occasional improvisation. Cut up recordings all-but-destroyed digitally then recorded in glorious 24bit. Worn drones fading in their own reverb. An homage to thirty+ year old VHS tapes. A sonic trip along the roads of the Pacific Northwest. A record that shifts glacially, a grainy collage of slow movements.

1) Insomnia diner chain valley girl (2:45)
2) Drifting intro open (5:54)
3) Violet currents, saffron winds (9:10)
4) Tape loop overdrive (2:35)
5) Needless in Seattle (5:55)
6) Whisper in Oregon (4:30)
7) You and I, we let the old dreams die (4:57)



Written throughout 2009/10
Released March 11, 2010
Performance, recording, mixing by T De Bauw
Album art courtesy of 
Ken Ohyama