Orchestre dans un lac gelé (2010)

Half an hour of home-made found sounds looped & echoed randomly against themselves.

Inspired by William Basinski’s shortwave music.



Released January 1, 2010
Performance, recording, mixing  by T De Bauw
All rights reserved.
Time: 32 minutes 5 seconds
Album art courtesy of Bruce Berrien‘s “Forest in snow”

2 thoughts on “Orchestre dans un lac gelé (2010)

    Magnog is indeed reunited-fully, and is playing shows once again. We are recording music, and writing more songs than we can handle.
    I hope this is plaeasing news to you.
    Magnog has been on a secret sabbatical for 13 years.
    We decided to join back together to make magnog’s music, and to share with our fans what could have been.
    Magnog will be palying a show March 25th at the Comet tavern in Seattle, with The Spoils, ((Ayahuasca Travellers)), Magnog, and This Blinding Light. We are alos playing April 14th at the Sunset Tavern (Ballard) with White Rainbow. Invite your friends, come out and see us. We like to meet our fans.

  2. I’m so glad to hear this! Sadly I won’t be able to make it, but here’s hoping you’ll do a show on this side of the Atlantic one day. Have fun playing!

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